What Should I Do About Moss on My Roof?

roof-mossHere in the Pacific Northwest, moss removal may be one of the most important roof repair services you’ve never heard of. Moss is just about the least offensive plant there is – why would you actually need to pay someone to get rid of it? Well, having living things growing between the tiles of your roof is a pretty bad thing, no matter how harmless it seems. Moss decreases your roof’s lifespan, and there’s no getting around having to remove it.

What’s Bad About Moss?

Moss, which grows very well in the wet, mild climate of the Pacific Northwest, is a problem because it grows. As moss grows, it moves into the cracks in your roof tiles and slowly expands, tearing the tile loose over time. Moss and algae contain a tremendous amount of moisture, so moss on your roof is the equivalent of having a wet sponge wedged under your tiles year-round. This combination of constant moisture and pried-up tiles makes your roof much more susceptible to wind damage and rot and decreases your roof’s expected lifespan.

How Can I Get Rid of It?moss-before&afters

A lot of homeowners accidentally reduce their roof’s lifespan even more with some “common sense” solutions that actually make the damage worse. The first of these mistakes is pressure washing. The high-pressure stream of water will remove the moss, but it’ll also pry loosened tiles up even more than the moss ever could.  Pressure-washing your roof is almost always a bad idea, but with moss buildup, it’s a worse idea. A mild acid solution is another common remedy, but you need to make sure the solution you make is going to react appropriately with your roofing material. In some cases, you may leave streaks or discoloration on your roof. The only way for the average homeowner to be absolutely sure is to consult a roofing specialist on the proper product or solution to use.

In Bellevue, Woodinville and the Eastside, Tile Pro Roofing has been providing professional, comprehensive moss removal for years. Tile Pro has expert knowledge of exactly what solutions to use on what roof types, and they can have your roof clean and moss-free in short order. Whether you need expert roof replacement or other roof services like moss removal and roof inspections, the experts at Tile Pro are always available to provide solutions or answer questions; call them today at 425-224-3539!
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