Top 3 Reasons to Consider Getting a Copper Roof

copper roofIf you’re building a new home or reinvesting your current one, you know all too well that you have a huge variety of choice in roofing material. But why limit yourself to the same look that everyone else has, all synthetic tile and no personality? More exotic roofing materials, like copper roofing, make your home stand out positively in your neighborhood. They also have unique properties and characteristics that may surprise you.

#1: Copper Roofs Stand the Test of Time

Durability and resistance to the elements are two of the absolute top reasons people invest in copper roofing. Unlike shingles, strong wind and annual freeze/thaw conditions don’t have a very corrosive effect on copper roofs: it’s a truly heavy, nonreactive material. Once you’ve got a quality roof installation performed, you’re not going to need significant maintenance for decades to come. Compare that to shingles that break off and degrade over time! Other copper roofing accessories, like copper chimney caps and custom flashing, make your home’s roof an almost impenetrable barrier to water, pests, and severe weather. In addition to durability, a Copper roof generally requires no painting and finishing, so while initial material costs are high, costs over time are low.hutmen-rod

#2: Copper Roofs Look Good and Get Better with Age

Copper roofs are also widely considered to be one of the most appealing and impressive roof options. The smooth, elegant flowing lines of a metallic material gives your home a touch of class that standard, gritty looking materials just can’t match, and you’ll spend far less on roof repair than your neighbors! Plus, as a copper roof oxidizes over time it develops a beautiful soft green patina around the edges. Over time, this can actually increase your home’s value. As time goes on, houses with copper roofs tend to look like an inseparable part of your neighborhood’s overall character.

#3: Copper Roofs are Environmentally Responsible

The majority of copper roofs are made from recycled materials, and if your home was ever torn down for any reason in the distant future, its roof would be completely recyclable and the metal would be able to be reused almost in its entirety. It’s also a low-impact way to discourage animals from nesting in your roof: animals can’t eat a copper roof, they can’t build nests on account of the extreme cold and heat of the material, and the flatness of the surface gives smaller pests no opportunity to find a way in. Whether you’re trying to look out for the global environment or just your neighborhood squirrels, copper roofing is a surprisingly environmentally friendly material.

Whether you’re building a new home or getting a roof replacement, copper roofing is really only worth it with an experienced, qualified copper roof professional doing the work. It’s a quality material that demands quality work to function as intended. If you do go the extra mile and hire a great roofing team, you’ll find it’s an investment that could last your whole life.

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Edited by Justin Vorhees

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