Tips for Avoiding a Roof Collapse

orlando-roofing-problemsRoof problems cause quite a bit of pain and stress, especially considering the cost of new roof replacement. That’s why you should know how to avoid a roof collapse at all costs. A roof collapse will lead to costly roof repair at a minimum or total roof replacement and may even damage your possessions. Here’s more information on what can cause a roof to collapse and what to look for.

Information About Roof Collapses Provided by Your Roofers in Bellevue

First and foremost, a collapse can occur at any given time. Although they’re most common in winter, they can happen during summer, fall or winter as well. It doesn’t matter what material your roof is made out of, it can still collapse. Flat or low-slope roofs are the most at risk of rain, snow or sleet accumulating and causing a roof collapse.

art_13677504405438Substantial amounts of snowfall are the most common reason for a roof collapsing. This is because one cubic foot of dry snow is equivalent to six or eight pounds. When snow is packed, icy or wet, the weight of the snow is even greater. Frozen precipitation isn’t the only element that may cause a roof to fall. In fact, rain and sleet can lead to the same problem due to the moisture that’s absorbed by the roof.

Signs to Look Out for From Your Expert Roofers in Bellevue

You’ll want to keep a look out for visible sags on the exterior shingles or inside your attic. Deformities, bends or ripples on the framing, structure or supports of the roof indicate a problem as well. Others signs to look out for include repeated or severe leakage, cracks in the masonry outside, bent or bowed pipes or conduits on the ceiling, or doors and windows that are difficult to open or close.

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