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barrel-tile-roof-sealant-bigPrecipitation affects your roofing tremendously, but you might have known that. Did you know that temperature plays a role in how long your roof lasts as well? It’s scary to think that something like how hot or cold it is outside can determine when you have to deal with a complete roof replacement. However, your local Bellevue roofers can help you preserve your roof for longer, no matter what the high and low temperatures are.

Temperature Affects Your Roofing

You might not be aware of just how hot your roof gets from the sun beaming down on it constantly. While the temperatures outside might only be 80 or 90 degrees outside, your roof’s surface may be 150 degrees or more. The type of roof you have will determine how well it withstands the heat. With some materials like slate, there may be times when the roof is far too hot to touch. You can plant trees around your home to block some of the heat, but you must keep in mind that Bellevue and the Eastside isn’t always hot, so these trees can make your home even cooler when it’s cold outside. Not to mention, trees near your home can be dangerous and can also cause problems with your roof.

On the other hand, cold winter weather doesn’t do much good for your roofing either. When the temperatures drop, the surface of your roof may reach 32-degrees or colder. Cold temperatures can make some roofing brittle and at risk of damage.  It doesn’t help that the snow falling on your roof is heavy and has the potential to cause roof failure as well. 

Temperature Affects When Roofers Work on Your Roof

The weather sometimes dictates when Bellevue roofers are able to work on your roof. Certain roofing repairs don’t work when the temperature is too hot. For instance, coatings can’t be done when the temp is high. Likewise, shingle and slate repairs can’t effectively be executed during extreme heat. Cold has the potential to weaken certain roofing materials, which makes it difficult to install them during winter weather. These materials become brittle and damage easily.

Protect your roof by contacting Tile Pro Roofing at 425-224-353. We’ll do the necessary maintenance on your roof, so you won’t have to invest in a new roof replacement just because of the highs and lows of the Northwest weather.

Bellevue Roofing Service to Weatherize Your Roof

Edited by Justin Vorhees