There’s a Choice when Replacing Your Roof

copper roofThe need for roof replacement in Bellevue brought on by the normal wear and tear of Washington weather may seem to have arrived sooner than you had anticipated. The fact is that many roofs made with shingles need to be replaced in less than ten years.

There are also the times when you need some of the old shingles torn away for roof repair. Maybe the time has come to make a choice you haven’t considered.

What other choices are there?

Metal roofing lasts longer and is more aesthetically pleasing. When it comes to choosing what type of metal, the premium choice is copper roofing.

When you opt for copper, you can forget the possibility of replacement once every 7-10 years – a copper roof can last for 50 years. If you ever sell your home a copper roof can add to the value and curb appeal of your house. Copper roofs also feature the added benefit of fire resistance.

Another factor that makes a copper roof the smart choice is that it’s known to be highly energy efficient. It reflects heat away from your home in the summer, reducing cooling costs. It’s also very lightweight and will reduce some stress on your home’s overall structure.

Is Cooper Roofing in Bellevue a Suitable Option?

The copper option is in many ways the best possible choice for your home’s roof. With any possible upgrade to a home, there will be some detractors. Some people have said they aren’t totally happy with the noise when it rains, but proper noise dampening can effectively minimize this minor complaint. And because this material is energy efficient and may not require replacement for the entire time you own your home, it can be more expensive up front than other choices such as tile and shingles. However, the savings and longevity tend to make up for the initial investment.

Let the Copper Roofing experts at Tile Pro Roofing give you all the details on how this amazing material can give you decades of worry-free roof maintenance. We offer the finest materials for all your copper and tile roofing needs. This is a big step in the life of your home and our experience and skill will be at your service – not only during installation but for any minor repairs and maintenance you require for the life of the roof.

Expert Tile Cooper Roofing in Bellevue

Edited by Justin Vorhees