Seattle Roof Repair – More than a DIY Task

Tile Pro RoofingAdvancements in technology have made a huge impact on how we handle things at home. In fact, the incredible amount of accessible information has created a whole new army of DIYers. There is no shortage of these brave weekend warriors out on a Seattle Saturday afternoon trying to fix a problem using a set of instructions somewhere out there in cyberspace.

Those who have spotted water stains inside their house near a skylight may be encouraged by the easy availability of caulk and roofing tar to set things straight even without their laptop or tablet DIY instructions. Stains by a chimney also have been known to get the quick glob-it-on and don’t worry about looks fix. But these well-meaning workers may be missing a more serious problem.

Water Leaks May Not be from The Outside

If water drips from your skylight when it rains, then it’s a good bet there’s a problem with the flashing by the skylight. Or there could be some separation and drying out of the sealant used by the installer, and it does need a touchup. If it drips during colder temperatures you could have a sealing problem that you hope caulk will cure, but an unseen opening may encourage the buildup of mold around the light or chimney.

Seattle residents are well aware of how our damp air can bring on this pesky problem. When your room temperature interacts with the outside air that’s leaking in, condensation can form on the inside of the skylight. More water stains and more chance for mold to become a problem will be the result. All the caulk in the world may not help you at that point.

Do It Yourselfers Can Miss an Easy Solution

Caulk has been known to temporarily hide the underlying problems that might be missed by an average DIYer. Flashing that needs to be replaced may have gotten a lucky shot of tar or caulk but it will soon leak again. There is flashing around the chimney, too, so you may need some help to get a permanent solution.

A better plan is to have a roofing professional do some detective work up on your roof and find out the real story. They can inspect under the shingles around these problem areas without damaging them or the underlying roof deck. If any stains or water drops are coming down in your home, reach out to the roof repair professionals at Tile Pro Roofing. We install skylights, chimney caps and repair all types of roof damage – call today at 425-224-3539 to set up an appointment.
Edited by Justin Vorhees

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