Roof Inspections for Buying or Selling a Home

roof inspectionsWhether you’re buying a new house or an older home, you’ll need a home inspection. The realtor may be the one to help you find a knowledgeable inspector with the right credentials, but be careful to scrutinize the report yourself. Many inspectors have a lot of experience inspecting, but do they have actual experience in the field of home construction? If you’re doing what most people do, buying a new home while selling your own home at the same time, these inspections can be an add much comfort or worry.

What to Expect and Look for in both Homes

When you think about what people are looking for in your home it’s no mystery – they want much the same thing you want for your new house: the less repair needed the better. Now if you’re talking to a person more interested in flipping the place, some repairs won’t be as important. However, a leaky roof or other major flaw can be a deal breaker regardless.

Inspectors and prospective buyers do look at roofs and here are some of the things they and you should be looking for in the house you want to buy.

  • Water stains – especially on the top floor. Check your home for these before selling. As for the home you want, a good plan is to try your best to do a walk through after a good rain (not too hard to do in the Seattle area).
  • Remember where the chimney is located and check the walls for stains there too.
  • Look into all the attic areas that aren’t exposed if at all possible and check for old stains. Probably easier to do in your home but insist on access with the realtor at the new residence.
  • Check the inspection report for the age of the roof.
  • Look over both houses from a distance and check for any sagging in the decking.

Making the Final Decision

Once someone makes an offer for your home the deal may depend on you replacing your roof. If you think the inspector has made a bad estimate on the age of the roof or they found some stains from trouble that was already dealt with, you’ll be wise to get a second opinion. And if you want roof replacement at the new home, even if the inspection report says it isn’t necessary, another set of eyes can help you there, too.

Tile Pro Roofing can accomplish these inspections and offer their professional opinion to protect your investments. They can also make any necessary minor repairs that will help make the deal happen, contact us today at 424-224-3539 for roof inspection, service and repair in greater Seattle and the Eastside.
Edited by Justin Vorhees

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