Does Copper Roofing Attract Lightning?

Tile RoofingMany people are under the impression that since copper is highly conductive, a copper roof may attract lightning more than other metals like aluminum. That is simply not true. In fact, the high conductivity of copper makes it easier to protect a roof from a lightning strike. A well-grounded copper roof can disperse the lightning energy to the ground thanks to copper’s conductive powers. The other factors that makes a copper roof a good choice for lightning protection is its durability and resistance to corrosion.

A long lasting copper roof will not be susceptible to the wear and tear of other roofing materials available here in the Pacific Northwest. For example an asphalt roof may get hit by a tree branch and the resulting damage could lead to a minor leak. Not so with a copper roof. In addition to resisting punctures, the scratches that a falling tree branch may make will be self-repaired by the oxidation process of copper. Once installed, copper immediately begins to change due to oxidation. That process is what eventually leads to the green patina you have seen before. The Statue of Liberty is made of copper and that green color we see on Lady Liberty is a reminder of copper’s durability. The copper there has been withstanding city and seaside environmental challenges for over 100 years.

Other Myths about Copper

Some well-intentioned municipalities across the country have enacted laws forbidding copper gutters and downspouts. They believe that there’s a chance of the metal running off with the rainfall and finding its way into our drinking water. The copper industry has analyzed this question and they found little evidence to support this type of legislation. In fact, many people have copper pipes that bring drinking water into the house. If it worries you, a filter system can eliminate metals present in your drinking water.


Copper Applications besides roofing

Copper can be used to for downspouts, rain gutters, and chimney caps that help your house stand out in a very stylish way. It remains one of the best materials for flashing thanks again to its looks and durability. The very best roofing material for both durability and style is copper.

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Edited by Justin Vorhees

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