Your Roof May have Some Unseen Problems

Tile ProNow that it’s summer here in the Seattle area, it’s time to check for potential problems that may plague your roof when the rains return. You may feel too secure the winter storm season saw no leaks and everything is just great. However, there could be some unseen troubles that will become full-blown problems needing roof repair if you aren’t careful.

A quick inspection of your roof should be done, first by walking around your home and just taking a good look at it. A qualified roofing contractor should attend to any sagging areas immediately. Also check for any sign of trees overhanging and touching the roof. These should be trimmed as they can take some of the protection off the shingles.

Next, get on a ladder and check the caulking and flashing around the chimney and skylights. You can also check your gutters. If the gutters aren’t secure and hang away from the house in some places, rainwater could be running from the roof down the fascia board. This can cause wood rot as well as damage to your foundation if left for too long.

Clues to Potential Roofing Problems

A few hot summers can cause roof shingles to dry out. Cracked and dried out shingles can be seen when inspecting your roof. Check your attic as it may be too hot up there. This heat under the roof deck may contribute to shortening the life of your roof, too. Proper attic ventilation can help with this and another common roofing problem, condensation.

Condensation may have been forming during the winter and that can lead to wood rot and even mold on the underside of the roof deck. Heat rising from the heated area of the house into an unheated attic may be the culprit here. The warm air hits the cold air and condensation forms like it does on a glass