Preparing Your Roof for the Future

Tile Pro RoofingWe’ve all witnessed the debate for years about the truth of global warming. It doesn’t take a scientific genius to see that the Seattle area has had a lot of warmth and nowhere near enough rain this past summer. Whether that’s an anomaly or trend will remain to be seen, but there are some dire predictions out there and the news organizations have certainly been reporting more and more about floods, hurricanes, and droughts.

The real concern of some scientists is that the climate is changing. Earlier this year a study looked at the number of conifer trees in the Pacific Northwest that may no longer be supported by necessary environmental factors like moisture. Hopefully a wetter winter than last year will offer some relief, but Pacific Northwest homeowners may want to take these ideas into consideration when making additions or repairing their roof to be ready for whatever may come.

Being prepared for tougher Conditions

The harsh heat this summer may have damaged your asphalt shingles. If we get the additional rains we hope will replace the water missing from our rivers, you may see water leaking into your home thanks to the roof damage. If you need a new roof there are alternatives that, though more expensive than composition roofing, will be cheaper in the long run.

Copper and tile roofing lasts up to fifty years or more while today’s shingles can last maybe twenty years. Extreme heat, falling trees and high winds should be factored in when deciding on your next roof material.

People are more likely to stick with what they know, but there are some myths about other roofing materials that can be misleading. Many believe a tile roof will require a more sturdy deck. This is usually not the case. The copper roof is best with a deck that’s made of wood or another nail-able material, but replacing the deck on most homes won’t be necessary.

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