Metal Roofing Myths Debunked

Copper and Tile RoofingThe Seattle area is home to many wonderful views of mountains, water and islands, but it’s not just nature that can impress you here. We have our share of important businesses, too. One Pacific Northwest Cooperative of has created a site that can answer any questions you may have about the replacing your current roof with aluminum or copper. The site includes a great tool that can show you what your house would look like if you chose to get a metal roof. Simply upload a picture of your home and see for yourself.

More people are choosing to get a Metal Roof in Washington

The surge in the number of people choosing to install metal roofing can be explained in a number of ways. On average we’re moving less frequently, and staying in your home for more than fifteen years means that you may replace an asphalt roof two or more times. And there are those times when you can’t lay new shingles over a roof deck that needs repair and the stripping of the roof can increase the price of replacement even more.

Metal Roofing Myths Debunked

Many of the myths about metal roofing have been made obsolete. They’re no louder during a rain storm than any other roof material, as that’s more a result of how the deck is insulated from the metal. Hail is supposed to be a problem but only the largest hail stones can cause a visible dent. They don’t attract lightening either, and are safer and stronger than wood or shingle roofs during violent storms. Also, the older metallic roofing materials didn’t offer much in the way of colors to match your home’s color scheme. Now there are so many colors and finishes it’s easy to add beauty to your home.

We here at Tile Pro Roofing would like to discuss more durable, longer-lasting and safer roofing options with you. Try the new roof tool for an idea of what your home would look like with a new metal roof installation, and then call us at 425-224-3539 for an estimate on the last roof you’ll ever buy.

Copper & Metal Roofing Installation in Seattle

Edited by Justin Vorhees