Don’t Believe these 5 Tile Roofing Myths

tile-roof4Just like metal roofing materials, the tile roof has its share of myths as well. The Pacific Northwest has seen an increase in both tile and metal roofing installations, and for good reason. The beauty and durability cannot be denied. There are some worries out there that prevent many people from choosing tile roofs for their home, but they are based on untrue myths.

What are the facts about tile roofing materials?

Here are some common stories told about tile roofing:

  • Tile Roofs break during harsh storms.

We see our share of rain here in the Northwest, but a tile roof made by a quality manufacturer like Ludowici or Moniere are made to last for fifty years or more. And any necessary roof repairs to damaged tiles are easy and inexpensive.

  • You won’t save much on energy costs.

Tile roofing products help keep your home cool in the summer and warmer in the winter, reducing energy costs. They can also improve ventilation.

  • They are too heavy for a standard home

There are a number of quality lightweight tiles available. The best plan is to have a qualified tile roofing specialist evaluate your roof deck and make the proper recommendations about tile roofing options for your home.

  • They look out of place in colder climates.

Not so; in this day and age of multiple colors being available and the many sizes and shapes of both concrete and clay tiles you don’t have to live in California or the southwest for your tile roof to look stylish.

  • The expense will make it impossible for most to afford.

A tile roof does cost more, but it will last longer and save money on energy costs with its superior insulating effect on your home’s envelope.

Tile roofs can be made of concrete, slate, or clay. Because clay is more durable and can last up to 100 years, it‘ll be more expensive but can be well worth the extra expense. Each of these choices is superior to composition shingles. Contact the experienced tile roofers at Tile Pro and let us evaluate your roof deck and give you an estimate. It just may be easier to afford than you think. Call us today at 425-224-3539 and we’ll help you beautify your home and make it possible to never need another roof again.
Edited by Justin Vorhees

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