A Leak from the Roof could be Something Else

Tile RoofingYou may see what appears to be evidence of a roof leak on your ceiling. You may, however, be seeing evidence of something other than a roof leak. The chimney is the oldest part of your house and it may be the culprit. Here in the Pacific Northwest many people have had their roof replaced more than once. However the chimney, which will receive some new flashing at the time of replacement at best, may have other problems that could lead to a leak that has nothing to do with your roof.

Chimney Problems that lead to leaks.

  • Flashing has become loose due to a storm. The flashing that covers the base of the chimney at the roof and goes over the shingles or tiles may have some tar that has worn away or dried out and cracked. The flashing itself may have been pulled away from the tar due to storms over the years.
  • Older chimneys that have experienced many high and low temperatures experience expansion and shrinkage, which leads to cracks in the bricks and mortar. This can lead to water entering the home and being visible on the ceiling near the chimney.
  • A cracked chimney crown. The chimney crown is in place to prevent rain and snow from getting into the chimney and flues. The same process of freezing and warming up can lead to these cracks and cause them to enlarge. The masonry will have to be replaced because the cracks only get worse.
  • Condensation. Water stains may appear on the paint and wallpaper by the chimney due to condensation. A gas heater releases fumes that are cool and moist. They can create condensation in chimneys not properly lined.

Chimney Repair Options

As we said earlier that a cracked chimney crown will need to have the masonry re-laid. Damage directly to the chimney will need to be repaired too. A new chimney would be the best idea depending on your budget. A liner for the chimney can be custom made to prevent the buildup of condensation. And a new copper chimney cap can be another improvement that will add to your home’s beauty and value.

At Tile Pro Roofing we can provide custom made flashing and chimney caps that will combat leaks and add to your home’s looks. Call us at 425-224-3539 if there is any evidence of leaks anywhere in the home. We offer repairs to any type of roof or chimney and have been for over twenty years in the Puget Sound area.

Custom Made Chimney Caps In Seattle’s East Side
Edited by Justin Vorhees