4 Reasons to Pay for Roof Cleaning Regularly

tile-pro-roof_cleaningReplacing your home’s roof every 25 years or so is best practice, but what if your roof starts showing age and discoloration before then? While it could mean you need a full roof replacement, you might be able to address the issues with a much cheaper alternative – roof cleaning. Having your roof cleaned regularly helps to prevent damage and extend its lifespan, both of which are enticing outcomes for homeowners. Here are five reasons why it’s definitely worth paying for roof cleaning on a regular basis.

1. Makes Your Home Stand Out

Roof cleaning can do wonders for your curb appeal. You may not realize it, but your roof greatly impacts the way your home looks. “Wow” neighbors and impress guests with a newly cleaned roof.

2. Removes Unsightly Dirt and Grime

It’s no surprise that roofs collect a significant amount of dirt and grime, but things like moss and black stains can be eyesores too. Having your roof cleaned regularly will not only remove these blemishes, but also help to prevent them. Cleaners often include chemicals that help keep your roof blemish free year-round.

3. Protects Your Roof from Damage

When it comes to roofs, homeowners are typically reactive instead of proactive. Roof cleanings, on the other hand, offer you the opportunity to take preventative measures against damage and early aging. By cleaning your roof regularly, you can actually extend the life of your shingles and postpone the need for roof repair or full replacement.

4. Provides a Less Expensive Alternative to Roof Replacement

Assuming that there’s no structural damage to your roof, cleaning it may be a better alternative to replacing it completely. This choice could literally be the difference between paying thousands of dollars and paying hundreds. Be advised, though, that it’s certainly not wise to opt for roof cleaning when your roof is damaged; if you’re having problems with leaking, seek roof repair services right away.

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