Roof Moss Treatment and Prevention

tile-proWhether you find moss growing on your roof attractive or a complete eyesore, there are a few things you should know. While you might think moss adds character to your home, it can actually cause significant damage to your roof. Not only does it trap moisture that will promote the growth of fungus, but it also breaks down your shingles and makes your roof prone to leaking. If these things go unattended for too long, it can even result in premature roof replacement. To keep your home safe, it’s important you know best practice prevention methods, signs of trouble, and how to schedule a moss treatment for your roof.

Preventing Moss from Growing on Your Roof

One thing to keep in mind is the kind of roof you have. Metal or composition asphalt roofs tend to hold up better against unwanted growth. You’ll also want to keep tree limbs from hanging over or touching your rooftop; falling leaves and branches can make your roof susceptible to moss. Make sure you keep up with roof cleanings and repairs on a regular basis, too, as moss will be attracted to any trapped moisture.

Roof Moss – What to Look For

In order to keep roof damage from moss to a minimum, it’s vital that you’re aware of the warning signs. The earlier moss is treated and removed, the less severe potential damage can be. Look for green or black spots on your roof. This discoloration indicates growth that isn’t supposed to be there.

Professional Moss Treatment

Moss treatment is necessary once you’ve spotted growth on your roof. Many roofing companies offer this service. Keep in mind that the quicker you address the moss growth issue, the less damage it will do to your roof. Acting quickly is imperative!

Tile Pro Roofing Services in Woodinville

Is there moss growing on your roof? Contact Tile Pro Roofing to schedule a moss treatment today! Not only will we remove the moss, but we can provide assistance with prevention and repairs as well. Visit our website for more information or call (425) 224-3539 to get your free quote right now.

Moss Treatment for Your Roof in Seattle’s Eastside

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