Benefits of Copper Roofs

Is a Copper Roof Right for Your Home?As a homeowner, you should expect to replace you roof every 25 years or so. When it comes time to get your next roof replacement, you’ll need to decide which material to use. One possible, and extremely economical, option is copper. Copper roofs may be the perfect choice for you and your home. So make sure to discuss the possibility further with a roofing contractor. In the meantime, here are several benefits that copper roofs have to offer.

Copper Roofs Add Curb Appeal

Copper roofs are extremely attractive and, as a result, can actually increase the resale value of your home. Even if you have no intention to sell your home anytime soon, it’s still a smart investment — well worth considering.

Copper Roofs Are Durable

No one wants to deal with pesky and persistent roof repairs. Not only can repairs be expensive, they can be an annoying inconvenience to your regular routine. Copper roofs are extremely durable; so they seldom need repair. In fact, they can last up to 50 years when properly maintained — that’s double the average life-expectancy of traditional tile roofs.

Copper Roofs Put Less Strain on Your Home

You probably don’t think about it often, but roofs are heavy; and the rest of your home is responsible for bearing that weight. One major benefit to installing a copper roof is that it is significantly lighter and, ultimately, puts less strain on your house.

Copper Roofs Are Energy Efficient

Interested in cutting down on your monthly energy bill? Installing a copper roof may be able to help with that. Copper roofs are extremely energy efficient because they actually reflect sunlight. That means your home will naturally stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, without increasing your monthly energy bill.

Ready to Install a New Copper Roof on Your Home?

Think installing a copper roof is the right move for you and your home? Find out more at Tile Pro Roofing today. For more information about our company and the many installation and repair services we offer, visit our website. You can also call (425)224-3539 to speak with a representative. And don’t forget to ask about our free quote offer!

Installing and Repairing Copper Roofs

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