What to Ask When Buying a New Chimney Cap

Questions When Buying a Chimney Cap | Tile Pro RoofingDoes your home need a new chimney cap? Chimney caps are a simple yet extremely beneficial addition to any fireplace. They function to keep animals out of your home and also to keep embers from escaping and landing on your roof. Additionally, chimney caps prevent excess moisture from entering your home. If you’re on the market for a new chimney cap, you should speak with your local roof repair and roof replacement professional. To ensure you get the service you deserve and the cap that’s perfect for your home, here are several questions to ask a roofing contractor.

Is there a warranty?

When purchasing a new chimney cap, it’s important to ask if a warranty is included. There should be. In fact, your new chimney cap should come with a lifetime warranty.

Which material is best?

Chimney caps can be made from a variety of materials, including stainless steel and copper. Each material will have benefits. Before making a final decision, you should discuss with your professional roofer which option will be best.

What is the total cost of installation?

Before committing to any one company or service, it’s vital you know what the cost will be. While you’ll obviously pay for the cap, there will be installation charges as well. Knowing this cost up front is better than being blindsided later.

Have the Perfect Chimney Cap Installed on Your Home!

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