Always Hire a Professional for Clay Tile Roof Maintenance in Issaquah

tile roof maintenanceDoes your home in Issaquah have a beautiful tile roof? To ensure your roof lasts and doesn’t sustain accidental damage, you should always hire a professional for any needed tile roof maintenance. As a homeowner, you can do your part by visually checking your attic or the exterior of your home for potential problems, such as broken tiles, debris, missing or lifted flashing, areas of moss growth, or water damage. The following tasks, however, should be properly handled by an insured roofing professional to ensure that your tile roof in Issaquah remains intact. 


One of the most important aspects of tile roof maintenance is scheduling a periodic inspection. A professional roofer has been specially trained to check your roof tiles, as well as the vents, soffits, and flashing.


Should an inspection reveal damage, roof repairs will be necessary. Tile roofing is very susceptible to cracking when stepped on improperly, so you should always hire a professional roofer to complete any needed roofing maintenance or repairs.


It’s also important that you schedule regular roof cleaning. Never use a power-washer on your tile roof to remove moss or dirt, because this process will probably damage the tiles. Professionals know how to clean your tiles and perform any roofing maintenance without causing damage that could lead to expensive roof replacement.

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