Preparing Your Asphalt Roof for Winter in North Seattle

asphalt roof, asphalt roof winterIs your asphalt roof ready for winter this year in North Seattle, Washington? With cooler months just around the corner, it’s important to start preparing for harsher weather conditions now. Winter can be particularly hard on your roof. Taking the appropriate steps now can help you avoid expensive roof repair later in the season. To keep your asphalt roof safe in North Seattle, remember to take the following precautions.

Clear Debris

Over time, debris collects on your asphalt roof. Before winter arrives, take time to remove any twigs, grass, or scattered seed pods. You may also want to ask a roofing professional to conduct a brief roof inspection.

Clean Out Gutters

While removing debris from your asphalt roof, it would be wise to clear your gutters as well. Makes sure there are no leaves, dirt, or twigs stuck in it. Without functioning gutters, your roof could be damaged during a heavy rain.

Look for Damage

You should also check for damage. Missing a problem now could be very costly later. In some extreme cases, you could need asphalt roof replacement when warmer weather finally returns.

Check Insulation

Take some time to check the interior of your asphalt roof as well. You can do this from your attic. If you’re unfamiliar with insulation, a professional roofer would be happy to assist..

Need Professional Assistance with Your Asphalt Roof in North Seattle?

Do you need professional assistance with your asphalt roof in North Seattle, Washington? If you notice a problem, it’s important to address it immediately. Waiting could have serious and expensive consequences. To get the help you need, contact Tile Pro Roofing in Bellevue today. Our highly-trained and experienced roofers are here to assist with all your winter preparation needs, as well as skylight installation, and chimney cap installation. Don’t forget that we offer free quotes! Schedule an appointment online today!

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