Why Get a Clay Tile Roof in Bellevue?

clay tile roof BellevueThe clay tile roof is one of the oldest and most common in the world, and modern updates to its strength and fire resistance have allowed it to remain competitive with newer synthetic materials. There are many advantages to installing clay tile when considering roof replacement in Bellevue, including appearance, durability and cost.

The Classic Look of the Clay Tile Roof

Clay tile is an extremely classy roofing material, no matter what style you choose. While the Spanish-influenced red clay tile is probably the most well known variation, clay tiles are actually available in a wide range of colors and patterns. In places like Southern California, the traditional Spanish/Mediterranean look is dominant, but the material itself is so desirable that clay tile roofs can be made to imitate the look and feel of other materials, from synthetics to wood shake and shingles.

Timeless Durability for Your Home

Clay roofs from hundreds of years ago still top some of the world’s greatest historic structures. But what about your own little slice of the world? Well, clay tile roofs frequently have warranties for fifty years or more. They handle extreme heat and cold incredibly well. And as for color, they don’t really fade: the pigment is mixed into the tile before it’s shaped, so as the top layers of the tile erode, the layers underneath are the exact same color. Roof repairs are also infrequent.

Surprisingly Low Cost for The Value

Clay tile is a little more expensive than concrete tile, which is a slightly pricier material than basic roofing choices like wood shake. However, it can last twice as long (or more) and requires little to no extra reinforcement of the structure to support its weight! And, of course, it looks so much better. So, even considering the slightly higher installation costs, you’re looking at a material that can outlast your house and even be resold! You can buy recycled clay tile roofs, for a uniquely vintage look. Clay tiles not only last that long, they retain their home-shielding qualities for decades.

Due to the extra weight and the complicated nature of some clay tile roof patterns, it’s not the best material for the do-it-yourselfer. It’s best to track down a reputable, licensed installer with a specialty in tile. Tile Pro Roofing is one of Washington State’s most professional, affordable installers. Contact us today for comprehensive answers to all your clay tile roofing questions.

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