4 Benefits of Installing a Slate Roof on Your Home in Issaquah

slate roof IssaquahIt’s best practice to get a roof replacement about every 25 years. If you’re approaching that mark, it’s time to start thinking about which material you want to choose for your new roof in Issaquah. If you’re like most people, it probably has never occurred to you just how many roofing options there are. Make sure you do your research before calling a contractor. Here are four great benefits to choosing and installing a slate roof on your home.

They’re Extremely Durable

Because slate roofs are made from 100% stone, you can expect them to last a very, very long time. In fact, well installed and properly maintained, these roofs can remain beautiful and functional for as many as 150 years.

They Will Protect Your Home

One of the best qualities of a slate roof is that it will keep your home safe from the elements. Not only are they waterproof and fire resistant, they can also withstand harsh storms and strong winds with ease. This means you’re far less likely to require roof repairs after inclement weather.

They’re Naturally Beautiful

There are few, if any, roofing materials more stunning than slate. The natural stones used can vary greatly in color, so you can create that breathtakingly beautiful look you’ve always wanted.

They’re Environmentally Friendly

If you like environmentally friendly materials, you’ll absolutely love slate roofs. Because they’re made from 100% natural stone, manufacturing is simple and pollution-free. The stones can also be recycled and repurposed down the road.

Ready to Install a Slate Roof on Your Home in Issaquah?

If you think that installing a slate roof is right for you and your home, contact Tile Pro Roofing today. We offer quality roof repair and replacement in a variety of materials. Visit our website for more information about our services and our company or contact us today for a free quote.

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