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moss prevention kirklandMoss and algae can be a really big and persistent problem for homeowners in Kirkland. While the green-colored fuzz may appear majestic, it can actually do a lot of damage. Prolonged exposure to moss can cause your roof shingles to crack. Cracks cause the need for roof repair or, worse, roof replacement. Luckily, there are several things you can do regarding moss prevention and algae reduction on your roof. Here’s what professional roofers recommend.

Have Your Roof Professionally Cleaned

Have a professional roofer clean your roof regularly. But it’s especially important if you have problems with moss and algae growth. Neglecting this important part of regular house maintenance could result in costly roof repairs.

Keep Tree Branches Trimmed

Moss generally accumulates most in shaded, moist areas. If you have lots of trees around your roof, it’s a good idea to trim the branches back on a regular basis. This will allow more sun to shine on your shingles, keeping them warmer and drier.

Clean Your Gutters Regularly

In addition to trimming the branches around your roof, clean your gutters. Debris trapped in your gutters can also hold moisture that will eventually allow moss and algae to grow.

Talk to Professional Roofers about Zinc Strips

Many homeowners have begun using Zinc strips to help combat moss and algae buildup on their roofs. Zinc alters the makeup of rain water, causing it to actually kill off any moss as it travels down the shingles. Talk to a roofing contractor about whether Zinc strips will work for you.

Get Help with Moss Prevention Today for Your Kirkland Home!

If your rooftop is plagued by moss and algae buildup, make sure you take care of the problem right away. Contact Tile Pro Roofing to discuss options for your roof or to schedule a cleaning. Visit our website to view a list of the services we offer or contact us to schedule an appointment today.

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