How to Tell When to Clean the Roof in Kirkland

when to clean the roof kirklandRoof cleaning does more than make your house look better. In fact, a perpetually dirty roof is more susceptible to serious damage over time. Neglecting to clean your roof regularly can result in leaking and the need for roof repair, or even roof replacement. Don’t let this happen to you. Use the following signs  to help you know when to clean the roof in Kirkland.


The appearance of moss is a clear sign it’s time for roof cleaning. Unfortunately, humid temperatures and damp weather to allow the growth and spread of moss on your roof. When this happens, moisture gets trapped and slowly deteriorates your shingles.

Black Streaks

Not sure what the black streaks on your roof are? It’s actually mold and it’s not just detracting from your curb appeal. Over time, this mold can compromise the integrity of your roof. Call a roofing contractor right away to schedule a cleaning.

Generally Poor Aesthetic

If your roof looks dirty, then it probably is dirty. Don’t take chances. Call a professional roofer to come for a roof cleaning as soon as you notice it begin to look dingy.

Wondering When It’s Time to Clean the Roof in Kirkland?

Have you noticed the signs? If your roof has moss growing, black streaks, or generally looks like it’s in poor condition, contact one of the highly-trained and experienced contractors at Tile Pro Roofing. For more information about our company or to request a free quote, visit our website. Want to schedule an appointment to discuss your roof cleaning, repair, or replacement? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to set a date and time for an inspection.

Know When to Clean the Roof in Kirkland

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