How to Tell When to Clean the Roof in Kirkland

when to clean the roof kirklandRoof cleaning does more than make your house look better. In fact, a perpetually dirty roof is more susceptible to serious damage over time. Neglecting to clean your roof regularly can result in leaking and the need for roof repair, or even roof replacement. Don’t let this happen to you. Use the following signs  to help you know when to clean the roof in Kirkland.


The appearance of moss is a clear sign it’s time for roof cleaning. Unfortunately, humid temperatures and damp weather to allow the growth and spread of moss on your roof. When this happens, moisture gets trapped and slowly deteriorates your shingles.

Black Streaks

Not sure what the black streaks on your roof are? It’s actually mold and it’s not just detracting from your curb appeal. Over time, this mold can compromise the integrity of your roof. Call a roofing contractor right away to schedule a cleaning.

Generally Poor Aesthetic

If your roof looks dirty, then it probably is dirty. Don’t take chances. Call a professional roofer to come for a roof cleaning as soon as you notice it begin to look dingy.

Wondering When It’s Time to Clean the Roof in Kirkland?

Have you noticed the signs? If your roof has moss growing, black streaks, or generally looks like it’s in poor condition, contact one of the highly-trained and experienced contractors at Tile Pro Roofing. For more information about our company or to request a free quote, visit our website. Want to schedule an appointment to discuss your roof cleaning, repair, or replacement? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to set a date and time for an inspection.

Know When to Clean the Roof in Kirkland

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Moss Prevention by Professional Roofers near Kirkland

moss prevention kirklandMoss and algae can be a really big and persistent problem for homeowners in Kirkland. While the green-colored fuzz may appear majestic, it can actually do a lot of damage. Prolonged exposure to moss can cause your roof shingles to crack. Cracks cause the need for roof repair or, worse, roof replacement. Luckily, there are several things you can do regarding moss prevention and algae reduction on your roof. Here’s what professional roofers recommend.

Have Your Roof Professionally Cleaned

Have a professional roofer clean your roof regularly. But it’s especially important if you have problems with moss and algae growth. Neglecting this important part of regular house maintenance could result in costly roof repairs.

Keep Tree Branches Trimmed

Moss generally accumulates most in shaded, moist areas. If you have lots of trees around your roof, it’s a good idea to trim the branches back on a regular basis. This will allow more sun to shine on your shingles, keeping them warmer and drier.

Clean Your Gutters Regularly

In addition to trimming the branches around your roof, clean your gutters. Debris trapped in your gutters can also hold moisture that will eventually allow moss and algae to grow.

Talk to Professional Roofers about Zinc Strips

Many homeowners have begun using Zinc strips to help combat moss and algae buildup on their roofs. Zinc alters the makeup of rain water, causing it to actually kill off any moss as it travels down the shingles. Talk to a roofing contractor about whether Zinc strips will work for you.

Get Help with Moss Prevention Today for Your Kirkland Home!

If your rooftop is plagued by moss and algae buildup, make sure you take care of the problem right away. Contact Tile Pro Roofing to discuss options for your roof or to schedule a cleaning. Visit our website to view a list of the services we offer or contact us to schedule an appointment today.

Professional Roofers and Moss Prevention Experts near Kirkland

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Facts About Roof Cleaning for Kenmore Homeowners

Itile-pro-roof_cleaningt’s common knowledge for homeowners in Kenmore that roofs don’t last forever. While some types may last longer, you can generally count on getting a roof replacement for your home every 25 years or so. There are ways to help extend the lifespan of your roof, however. You can, for example, hire a roofing contractor to perform a roof cleaning. Not only will regular roof cleanings make your home stand out, they will prevent further dirt and grime from collecting, as well as protect the roof from damage. Here are a few facts every homeowner should know about roof cleaning.

It’s Always Better to Hire a Professional

If you’re someone who likes to do things yourself, you may be tempted to clean your own roof. The fact is, however, this is a task better left to professional roofers. Not only will this save you an enormous amount of time and stress, it can also save you money. Roof cleaning requires specific tools and chemicals. It’s easy to cause costly damage without proper training.

It’s More Than Making Your Home Look Nice

While algae buildup on your roof is an eyesore, that isn’t the primary concern. Algae has an adverse effect on the effectiveness of your roof. Prolonged exposure can lead to expensive roof repairs and will lead to early roof replacement.

It’s More Economical

Roofing repairs and replacements are expensive. The cost to have your roof cleaned, however, is nominal in comparison. The service helps prolong your roof’s life and prevent the need for repairs. So it is wise to make it a regular part of your home maintenance routine.

Need to Talk to a Professional Near Kenmore about Roof Cleaning Today?

If you haven’t had your roof cleaned in a while, it’s probably a good idea to contact a professional roofing contractor. Tile Pro Roofing is here to help. We offer a large variety of roofing services and will be happy to answer any of your questions. To schedule one of our contractors for a cleaning, contact us today.

Professional Roof Cleaning Services Near Kenmore

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Is an Asphalt Shingle Roof Right for You in Mercer Island?

Asphalt Shingle Roof mercer islandOne of the most common types of roofs is the asphalt shingle roof. They’re the number one choice for roofing in North America. They’re versatile, weather resistant and much more. If it’s time to replace your roof, consider the many benefits of asphalt shingles for your home.

Ease of Installation

Asphalt shingle roofs are one of the easiest materials to install. They can cover many different angles, shapes and forms, and work with almost any type of roof, from cross hipped to Dutch gable. An installation can take as little as 24 hours to complete. 


Asphalt shingles are the most cost-effective roofing materials upfront, and they last long enough to provide the best value over the long term. Roof repairs on asphalt shingles are less expensive than repairs on other materials.


The typical lifespan for an asphalt shingle roof averages 25 years. If the roof is well maintained, it can last significantly longer. Algae is a growing problem in the roofing industry-no pun intended. 

Algae Resistance

Many roofs, especially those based in wood, allow algae growth.  If this is a problem where you live, look for shingles that are algae-resistant. These are built to inhibit blue-green algae growth and protect the color and appearance of your roof.

Find out More about Asphalt Shingle Roof Installation for Mercer Island Homes Today!

Talk to our experts at Tile Pro Roofing today. We’ll discuss asphalt shingle roofs with you in greater detail, and explore other roofing options with you as well. Contact us for more information about our company and the many services we offer. Don’t forget to ask about our free quote offer when you call!

Asphalt Shingle Roof Repair & Installation in Mercer Island

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4 Benefits of Installing a Slate Roof on Your Home in Issaquah

slate roof IssaquahIt’s best practice to get a roof replacement about every 25 years. If you’re approaching that mark, it’s time to start thinking about which material you want to choose for your new roof in Issaquah. If you’re like most people, it probably has never occurred to you just how many roofing options there are. Make sure you do your research before calling a contractor. Here are four great benefits to choosing and installing a slate roof on your home.

They’re Extremely Durable

Because slate roofs are made from 100% stone, you can expect them to last a very, very long time. In fact, well installed and properly maintained, these roofs can remain beautiful and functional for as many as 150 years.

They Will Protect Your Home

One of the best qualities of a slate roof is that it will keep your home safe from the elements. Not only are they waterproof and fire resistant, they can also withstand harsh storms and strong winds with ease. This means you’re far less likely to require roof repairs after inclement weather.

They’re Naturally Beautiful

There are few, if any, roofing materials more stunning than slate. The natural stones used can vary greatly in color, so you can create that breathtakingly beautiful look you’ve always wanted.

They’re Environmentally Friendly

If you like environmentally friendly materials, you’ll absolutely love slate roofs. Because they’re made from 100% natural stone, manufacturing is simple and pollution-free. The stones can also be recycled and repurposed down the road.

Ready to Install a Slate Roof on Your Home in Issaquah?

If you think that installing a slate roof is right for you and your home, contact Tile Pro Roofing today. We offer quality roof repair and replacement in a variety of materials. Visit our website for more information about our services and our company or contact us today for a free quote.

Choose a Slate Roof for Your Home in Issaquah Today

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Roof Inspections for Buying or Selling a Home in Bothell

roof inspections BothellWhether you’re buying a new house or an older one, you’ll need a home inspection, and roof inspections are always included. The realtor may be the one to help you find a knowledgeable inspector with the right credentials, but be careful to scrutinize the report yourself. 

What to Expect and Look for in an Inspection

Inspectors and prospective buyers should both be looking for the following things:

  • Look for water stains, especially on the top floor. Check your home for these before selling. As for the home you’re looking to buy, a good plan is to try your best to do a walk through after a good rain (not too hard to do in the Seattle area).
  • Remember where the chimney is located and check the walls for stains there too.
  • Look into all the attic areas that aren’t exposed if at all possible and check for old stains. Insist on access with the realtor at a potential new residence.
  • Check the inspection report for the age of the roof.
  • Look over the house from a distance and check for any sagging in the decking.

Making the Final Decision

Once someone makes an offer for your home the deal may depend on you replacing your roof. If you think the inspector has made a bad estimate on the age of the roof or they found some stains from trouble that was already dealt with, you’ll be wise to get a second opinion. And if you want roof replacement for a home you’re considering buying, even if the inspection report says it isn’t necessary, another set of eyes can help you there, too.

Making Deals Happen with Roof Inspections in Bothell

Tile Pro Roofing can accomplish these inspections and offer their professional opinion to protect your investments. They can also make any necessary minor repairs that will help make the deal happen.  Contact us today for roof inspection, service and repair.

Copper & Tile Roof Inspections For Over 20 Years in Bothell

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Why Get a Clay Tile Roof in Bellevue?

clay tile roof BellevueThe clay tile roof is one of the oldest and most common in the world, and modern updates to its strength and fire resistance have allowed it to remain competitive with newer synthetic materials. There are many advantages to installing clay tile when considering roof replacement in Bellevue, including appearance, durability and cost.

The Classic Look of the Clay Tile Roof

Clay tile is an extremely classy roofing material, no matter what style you choose. While the Spanish-influenced red clay tile is probably the most well known variation, clay tiles are actually available in a wide range of colors and patterns. In places like Southern California, the traditional Spanish/Mediterranean look is dominant, but the material itself is so desirable that clay tile roofs can be made to imitate the look and feel of other materials, from synthetics to wood shake and shingles.

Timeless Durability for Your Home

Clay roofs from hundreds of years ago still top some of the world’s greatest historic structures. But what about your own little slice of the world? Well, clay tile roofs frequently have warranties for fifty years or more. They handle extreme heat and cold incredibly well. And as for color, they don’t really fade: the pigment is mixed into the tile before it’s shaped, so as the top layers of the tile erode, the layers underneath are the exact same color. Roof repairs are also infrequent.

Surprisingly Low Cost for The Value

Clay tile is a little more expensive than concrete tile, which is a slightly pricier material than basic roofing choices like wood shake. However, it can last twice as long (or more) and requires little to no extra reinforcement of the structure to support its weight! And, of course, it looks so much better. So, even considering the slightly higher installation costs, you’re looking at a material that can outlast your house and even be resold! You can buy recycled clay tile roofs, for a uniquely vintage look. Clay tiles not only last that long, they retain their home-shielding qualities for decades.

Due to the extra weight and the complicated nature of some clay tile roof patterns, it’s not the best material for the do-it-yourselfer. It’s best to track down a reputable, licensed installer with a specialty in tile. Tile Pro Roofing is one of Washington State’s most professional, affordable installers. Contact us today for comprehensive answers to all your clay tile roofing questions.

Professional Clay Tile Roof Installers in Bellevue

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Top Reasons For Installing a Copper Roof

Copper RoofingIf you’re building a new home or updating your current one, you know all too well you have a huge variety of choice in roofing material. Why limit yourself to the same look everyone else has, all synthetic tile and no personality? More exotic roofing materials, like copper roofing, make your home stand out positively in your neighborhood. They also have unique properties and characteristics that may surprise you.

Copper Roofs Stand the Test of Time

Durability and resistance to the elements are two of the absolute top reasons people invest in copper roofing. Unlike shingles, strong wind and annual freeze/thaw conditions don’t have a very corrosive effect on copper roofs. It’s a truly heavy, nonreactive material. Once you’ve got a quality roof, you won’t need significant maintenance for decades. Compare that to shingles that break off and degrade over time! Other copper roofing accessories, like copper chimney caps and custom flashing, make your home’s roof an almost impenetrable barrier to water, pests, and severe weather. In addition to durability, a copper roof generally requires no painting and finishing, so while initial material costs are high, costs over time are low.

Copper Roofs Look Good and Get Better with Age

Copper roofs are also widely considered to be one of the most appealing and impressive roof options. The smooth, elegant flowing lines of a metallic material gives your home a touch of class that standard, gritty materials just can’t match, and you’ll spend far less on roof repair than your neighbors! Plus, as a copper roof oxidizes over time it develops a beautiful soft green patina around the edges. Over time, this can actually increase your home’s value. As time goes on, houses with copper roofs tend to look like an inseparable part of your neighborhood’s overall character.

Copper Roofs are Environmentally Responsible

The majority of copper roofs are made from recycled materials.  If your home was ever torn down for any reason in the distant future, its roof would be completely recyclable and the metal would be able to be reused almost in its entirety. It’s also a low-impact way to discourage animals from nesting in your roof. Animals can’t eat a copper roof, they can’t build nests on account of the extreme cold and heat of the material, and the flatness of the surface gives smaller pests no opportunity to find a way in. Whether you’re trying to look out for the global environment or just your neighborhood squirrels, copper roofing is a surprisingly environmentally friendly material.

Whether you’re building a new home or getting a roof replacement, copper roofing must be installed by an experienced, qualified copper roof professional. It demands quality work to function as intended.

Tile Pro Roofing is one of the Pacific Northwest’s most experienced copper roofing installers:. Call them today and ask them any questions you might have about this dynamic roof option.

Copper Roofing in Seattle & the Eastside

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The Hows and Whys of Roof Moss Removal

Here in the Pacific Northwest, roof moss removal is one of the most important roof repair services homeowners and business owners can do. Even though moss seems like just about the least offensive plant there is, having living things growing between the tiles of your roof is a pretty bad thing. Moss decreases your roof’s lifespan, and there’s no getting around having to remove it.

How Moss Hurts Your Roof

Moss, which grows very well in the wet, mild climate of the Pacific Northwest, is a problem because it contains moisture. As moss grows, it moves into the cracks in your roof tiles and slowly expands, tearing the tile loose over time. Moss and algae contain lots of moisture, so moss on your roof is like wedging a wet sponge under your tiles year-round. Imagine how much easier the wind gets under wet, pried-up tiles, and how your roof can start to rot!  These factors decrease your roof’s lifespan.

How Do I Get Rid of It?

A lot of homeowners accidentally reduce their roof’s lifespan even more with some “common sense” solutions that actually make the damage worse. One mistake is pressure washing. The high-pressure stream of water may remove the moss, but it’ll also pry loosened tiles up even more than the moss has already done.  Pressure-washing your roof is almost always a bad idea, but with moss buildup, it’s a worse idea. Another mistake people make is washing their roof with a mild acid solution to kill the mold.  If you use the wrong product for your type of roof, the acid may leave streaks or discoloration. The only way you can be absolutely sure is to consult a roofing specialist on the proper product or solution to use.

Get Advice From Experts

In Bellevue, Woodinville and the Eastside, Tile Pro Roofing has been providing professional, comprehensive moss removal for years. Tile Pro has expert knowledge of exactly what solutions to use on what roof types.  They can have your roof clean and moss-free in short order. Whether you need expert roof replacement or other roof services like moss removal and roof inspections, the experts at Tile Pro are always available to provide solutions or answer questions; contact them today!

Roof Moss Removal With an Expert Hand From Tile Pro’s Experts

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3 Factors That Can Make Your Roof Leak

roof leak

Common Roof Leak Causes in Bellevue

With normal aging and the severity of the elements, every roof may eventually experience a roof leak. While roof cleaning, inspections and maintenance will reduce this risk and postpone damage, a leak may still occur eventually. Roof leaks are not uncommon, and knowing what to look for can alert you to a problem and promptly phone for professional assistance.

Besides damaged or missing roofing material, here are three common Pacific Northwest roof leaks causes: Continue Reading →